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TheOutlawDad: Well Dad has been sick, Yep been in two hospitals and seen two Dr's since Aug 2. Things are just now getting back to normal. All the test came back negative and it seams Dad had a blather infection. But after 5 pills a day old Dad is ready to kill again. So on with the updates.

Kid Macoo: The Kid this week posted on his new site at http://www.kid-macoo.com that he wasn't sure that TheOutlawDad's map site at ftp://theoutlawdad.com/maps/ was not bigger then Wild Bills at http://www.mp3britneyspears.com/maps.html. Well I counted the maps title for title and I see that I have every map that Bill has plus 35 more. So old Kid Macoo needs to get another bottle of wine and rethink things and post a new statement!!

Randy: Haven't heard from him. Looks like I'll be going to New Jersey without him. That's a dam shame.

Outlaws Story

The outlaws story over at http://www.yabber.f2s.com/YaBB/YaBB.pl has ended. Yes old Dad couldn't take it anymore so I had to write a ending. Hope no one is mad and just for the record I think it was great of Truffle to start the story and let us all write in it. Good job Truffle.

Outlaws Maps 

Remember these maps will be reviewed over at that no good Kid-Macoo's site at http://www.kid-macoo.com

pitfall by Number1-KidEver & AKO_Sureshot this is a very nice map 2 buildings across a pit. Lots of fun.

warsvill by WaRRior 3 buildings, water tower, canyons, and a well, Very nicely done. I will do alot of killing here.

Roses by Chaabo Great map of the old hoe house, and yes I had my way with that cow. lol

GatTag by Skalawag this is the finished map, If you liked the first version you will love this one. Very nice hope this guy makes lots of maps.

Hummm by Kid Macoo Lots of controversy over this map. But that's what happens when guys remake maps and don't rename them. Well this is the Original Hummm Map. So get it don't over write it and play it as it was ment to be.

HummmDTG by Dtg_Trigger_Hapy This is the remake of Kid Macoo's Hummm done by Trigger. Lets hope next time Trigger remakes a map he will rename the files first. These file names were edited by Dad so the map doesn't over write the original.

Hummm2 by Number1_KidEver & Dtg_Trigger_Hapy. Ok this is the map that has been the pain in my ASS. This map has the same name as Kid Macoo's map Hummm. The lab & Rcm files are named the same. And I had to rename the zip file Hummm2 just to put it in my directory. Paleface did not have this problem because he does not have the original map. If you use this map it will over write the original. also it crashed in the ctf mode when I installed it because I have the original in my Outlaws folder. This map was a big mistake on the parts of the authors, They should learn how to rename files if they are going to remake someone else maps.

Band News

State of Mind: Band must be on vacation. Or they just make to much money and have to many friends coming out to see them to send in there info. Guess they don't need to advertise. Well good luck boys you will be removed from the page if I don't get some info this week. (No Web Site).

Silver Sky: Catch this great variety band at Traffords Polish Club 8/25/2001 Trafford PA. Web site at http://www.silverskyband.com

Legend: Great oldies band catch them at Franciscan University 8/25/2001 Steubenville Ohio. (No Web Site).

Chris Bake: The boys are still rocking at Chubb's Pub every Friday in Follansbee, W V don't miss the show. Web Site at http://www.geocities.com/c_bake22/main.htm

Warkult: Band is getting ready to go back to Europe to tour. So go check things out at there Web Site at http://www.geocities.com/warkult666/

Alter Ego: They be rocking the valley. 8/25/2001 at Bo's Lighthouse, Toronto OH. 8/31/2001 at The Ville, Steubenville OH. Don't miss these great shows. (No Web Site)

Road Work: Don't miss the high screaming vocals of the old rock star Mark Fristick. 8/18/2001 at Jefferson County Fair, Smithfield OH. 8/25/2001 Village Inn, Bavington PA ( No Web Site.)

Vince Richards: No new news on the famous rock star but I hear he is singing with The Great Pretenders. Maybe they will send some info soon. Web Site at http://geocities.com/vinrichards/

Starburst: No new info on the band or who the new singer is, or if they found one. Guys send some info or you will be removed from the page. 8/18/2001 at Dallas Pike Truck Show, Dallas Pike W V Web Site at http:/www.starburstband.com

Restaurant News

DJ's Ribs: Weirton W V. Oh yes I may have been sick but I did find the time to go to DJ's for ribs. I ran to the bathroom every 15 min because of my problem but that didn't matter. The ribs were excellent as they always are. The service is great, and the restrooms were clean. I just love DJ's Ribs. Rating 10. Thanks again to Ann Garling for sending me the DJ's gift certificates. 

Bob Evens: Steubenville OH. Well they have changed there chicken tenders and it's not for the good. Now you get small pieces of chicken not the strips. The service is still as bad as ever, and the restrooms are still dirty. But if you need a place to eat doing lunch or any other busy time. You can always get a seat there. Food taste ok and you will come out alive and full. Rating 5

Country Kitchen: Allentown OH. All I can say is DON't EAT THERE!! IT'S BAD!! Rating 0

  Millionaire News

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