Outlaws News

Kid Macoo: Well the Kid got his self a shooting machine. A 1.4 gig with and G Force 3 card. Seams to be running very fast. He will bring death to a lot of players. he says his FPS is running around 700 average, but he has seen it as high as 999. So look out boys death is coming your way. Hummm think he will ever kill that no good Prowler? lol

Abe: Thanks to Kid Macoo, Abe is running a new computer. He is very fast now and all that old lag he had is gone. He has been on late night killing. He still wines about getting new maps and loves to kill at the fort. So look boys Abe's back.

DeadEye357: Up and running just played with him last night. He be a little rusty but it won't be long and old DeadEye357 will be back on top putting lots of bullets in your ass. Good to see you back 357.

Dr.Gonzo: The great Dr has been on late night all week. He is always ready to kill. Especially after leaving a beautiful woman on the job coming home and felling frustrated.

Prowler: What can I say! He has had his sex change operation in the Outlaws Story. Go here to see http://www.yabber.f2s.com/YaBB/YaBB.pl Also he is killing everyone in all the pager games. I know it's a tuff life when your the fastest gun. Watch out for them Macoo death bullets the Kid wants to be King Again. 

Syfinosis: New guy to Outlaws loves the game. He has a fast machine and loves to kill. Plays late night. I think he will be one of the guys Macoo hates. I see he has already started to do the strafing thing side to side. A little practice and we could all be in trouble.

Amis: Oh yes he's back. The singing cowboy has returned to Outlaws. This time he is faster and deadlier then ever, if you see him run or your dead.

TheOutlawDad: Sick again. Does it ever stop? Down to 3 pills a day and 2 more weeks to go. I have been on and hosting late night from around 10:00 to 5:00 in the morning. Hope to get games started around 8:30 with Kid Macoo hosting soon.

Outlaws Maps

Well here are the only two maps I found in two weeks. Oh yea I had to get them from http://paleface.net Please don't forget to send your maps to dad@theoutlawdad.com

1. Angels by Chaabo: Sort of a novelty map, outlaws in the clouds, woe to the angels that fall, for they are forever doomed to swim the fires of
you know that bad place. Very nice well done idea.

2. Xwprip by UnDerTaKer: Really neat map of a grave yard. Tombstones of old dead shooters. Very fast game play.

Don't forget all new maps are rated at http://www.kid-macoo.com/voodoo.html The Kid spends a lot of time rating these maps so please check it out.

Single Player Maps

I see by my search engine at http://theoutlawdad.com a lot of shooters are looking for single player levels. So here are some links to the single player levels I found this week. 1. bigheist 2. breakout 3. CLExprss  4. crossbow1. 5. desperad 6. findgold 7. homestd 8. justicej 9. laweast 10. ma1 11. ma2 12. ma3 13. macoo 14. MAD_DOG_V1.0 15. mother 16. pr1.1 17. pr2-1. 18. pr3 19. rivboat 20. showdwn 21. tacosaga 22. town4u 23. waddy_gang 24. waddy_gang3d 25. WILDLAND 26. wtf 27. zombie10 If you have any single player maps I don't have please send them and all maps to dad@theoutlawdad.com. I may have more single player maps at ftp://theoutlawdad.com/maps/ but I would not know the titles. Please help.

Map Site Hints

1. Always click refresh or reload on your browser to see the latest maps and pages on this site.

2. Always click view on your browser then click details when you are at the map site ftp://theoutlawdad.com/maps/. This will make the site load faster and in alphabetical order.

Band News

Original Fantasy's: You will not see their schedule posted on this site. "Due to the fact that they still owe me money" But I must say there web site  looks pretty good. Now it's a damn shame they will have to take down all those pictures and put up new ones. Why you ask? lol The drummer quit. Yes this band has a hard time keeping members. 5 musicians, a soundman, and a light man in the last year. At this point we don't know who is original or what is original about the band, considering they only play copy material and are replacing members regularly. Oh Well, good job on the site  Kathy & Sean http://originalfantasys.com             

State of Mind: Well the boys are off vacation and back in the clubs rocking. 9/1/2001 at Graceland - Warwood, WV. 9/2/2001 at VFW Picnic - Washington, PA. Don't miss these great shows.      ( No Web Site )

Alter Ego: Catch this hard working classic rock band 8/31/2001 at The Ville -Steubenville, OH. Come early and get the best seats up front.          ( No Web Site ) 

Road Work: Still going strong and playing all the hits. 9/8/2001 at Hilly's, - Chester WV. Don't miss the show.

Great Pretenders: 8/31/2001 at Downs - Wheeling WV. 9/2/2001 at Mountaineer - Chester, WV. This is the new band featuring Vincent Richards on vocal. ( No Web Site )

Chris Bake: The old rocker is still alive and working on a new CD. 8/31/2001 and every Friday at Chubb's Pub - Follansbee, WV.  http://www.geocities.com/c_bake22/main.htm

WarKult: Heavy rocking fast metal. Band goes back in the studio soon to finish CD. 9/1/2001 at Dawg Jam - Trinity Acres Colliers Twp, PA. http://www.geocities.com/warkult666/main.htm

Silver Sky: No dates sent in. Site has not been updated. http://silverskyband.com

Legend: No dates sent in. Lets get on the stick. Send me the dates. ( No Web Site ).

If you would like to see your bands schedule on this page. Please send it to dad@theoutlawdad.com

Business Web Site

If you are a band, small business, or just need someone to do your web site. Please contact theoutlawdad@theoutlawdad.com for setup, maintaining, and  pricing.

Restaurant News

Kings: Wintersville, OH. I have eaten there three times in the last two weeks. Restaurant was clean. Food was good. Waitress was good. Restrooms seam to be clean. Prices are about the same as other family restaurants. I recommend you eat there. Rating 7.0

Corner Kitchen: Follansbee WV. Restaurant is not clean looking. Waitress was friendly and good. Food is good. Restrooms are not clean. I will try it again because the food tasted good. Rating 4.0

Millionaire News

I'm a Aspiring Millionaire. I need funds to reach my goals. So please send $1 to the Aspiring Millionaires Fund and help TheOutlawDad become a Millionaire. Send dollar to Denny Music  P. O.  Box 274  Follansbee,  WV 26037

Special thanks this week to Steve for sending $10

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