Outlaws News

Kid Macoo: Haven't seen him in any games lately, could be the Kid is slowing down in his old age. He is still doing reviews at Macoo's Map Review Page.

Hooter: Seams I just keep giving Hooter credit for everything. Over at the Web Board I gave Hooter credit for updating the wrong board. He is updating OGB not olhideout which is the home of Truffle.

Truffle: Well he gets the credit for finding out that the olconfig program will run on Windows XP. It makes adding your name, changing IP's, and gamma settings a lot easier on XP. You can get it here olconfig.zip After you unzip it to Outlaws just go into the Outlaws folder and click the OLKeys.Reg icon once, and add the info to windows. Then right click the Olconfig.exe, click create shortcut, Put your pointer on the shortcut and drag it to your desktop.

Truffle's Site: The olhideout can now be found at http://olhideout.net and the web board can be found at http://olmb.olhideout.net Check them both out they are both excellent.

OGB: I was checking out sites lately and I see over at OGB Headquarters you can find 5 nice screen shots of Crosshairs made by TheOutlawDad. Yep I think that's pretty cool. The Ace, Fluffykins, Mouth, Pinkhair, and Prowler are there. You can download them from the Files Page or from OGB

Prowler: Haven't seen him on but I'm sure he's itching to kill. Web site is at KOD_Prowler

Deadeye 357: Well old dead eye has changed his name in the game. He is now The Eye. You can always find him on late night ready to kill.

New Outlaws Maps

All maps are reviewed at Kid Macoo's Review Page

2feathers.zip By YG_Toxic

FReaK.zip By CBO_Listerine

jo.zip BY ELCobra1_DR

losyaya2.zip By ELCobral1_DR

whistle.zip By Cutter

whistle20.zip By Cutter No Mod Guns.

A few Outlaws Maps you mite have missed.

GhostHs.zip By Shifty Tuco

Hackz.zip By Kid-Macoo & TheOutlawDad

NightRaid.zip By LMT

still.zip By CBO_ Listerine

Map Makers

Please send your Maps, Characters, Gun Mods, etc to Dad@theoutlawdad.com



Band News

Alter Ego: 11/9/2001 The Ville, Steubenville OH 11/16/2001 Two Bro's Club East Liverpool OH   (No Web Site)

Great Pretenders: 11/10/2001 K of C Weirton W V 11/17/2001 Crown Plaza. No city listed.             (No Web Site)

Mansfield 5: 11/10/2001 Cahoots Raddison Greentree, Pittsburg P A. 11/16/2001 Tony & Cleo's Wheeling W V. Web Site at mansfield5.com

Chris Bake Band: Every Friday in November Chubb's Pub Follansbee W V (No Web Site)

Warkult: Band is working on new CD. Web Site at Warkult Band

Silver Sky: No dates sent in Web Site at silverskyband.com

State of Mind: No dates sent in. Bass Player has been sick and he sends the dates in, So we will cut them a break this week. (No Web Site)

Legend: No dates sent in. This may have been the job of one of the 2 great members that left the band to join the Great Pretenders. As you can see they send their dates in. Or it could just be Windy still has a impacted cookie fart and can't get her thumb out of her ass long enough to write the dates down and send them in. Oh well They will loose their place on the page if they don't send dates in this week. (No Web Site)

Moon PI: This band is rockin'. Rumor has it the Famous Dickey (You can guess the last name) will be the new Bass Player. Don't miss the screaming high vocals of LeAnne, the escalating keyboards of Bobby T, the fast action guitar work of Josh Aliss, And the Crazy antics of the Moon Man himself. Coming to a club near you soon! (No Web Site)

If you have a band and would like to see your dates post on this site, please send your info to dad@theoutlawdad.com

Dad's California Raisins

Well TheOutlawDad has a nice collection of California Raisin characters. At this time he is missing the following characters. Click the links to see the characters dad needs. http://theoutlawdad.com/ace3.jpg http://theoutlawdad.com/lenny.jpg http://theoutlawdad.com/mom.jpg  http://theoutlawdad.com/carrot.jpg

If you have any of these characters and would just like to get rid of them or you would just like to help TheOutlawDad complete his collection. You can send them to Denny Music Po Box 274 Follansbee W V 26037

Millionaire News

I'm a Aspiring Millionaire. I need funds to reach my goals. So please send $1 to the Aspiring Millionaires Fund and help TheOutlawDad become a Millionaire. Send $1 dollar to Denny Music  P. O.  Box 274  Follansbee, WV 26037. Special Thanks this week to T-Roll for $10.00 and to Moon for the California Carrot Raisin. It is very cool. Thanks Again.

Web Sites

If you are a band, small business, or just need to have a personal website done. Please Contact TheOutlawDad at theoutlawdad@theoutlawdad.com for setup, maintaining, and prices


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