Outlaws News

Outlaws News

Truffle: A great Outlaw has left the net. Truffle who did a lot for the Outlaws community is gone. Not because he has quit Outlaws but for financial reasons. Both of his sites are now down. For all those people who miss him you can go here
 Tribute to Truffle and pay your respects make sure you pull the page all the way down.

Dr Gonzo: Still making Programs and Installs. He is on late night killing. You can check out the good Dr.'s site at blackhole.at/DrGonzo

Kid Macoo: The kid has updated his site at
 Kid-Macoo.com and caught up on his map reviews over at The Voodoo Page.

Prowler: Watch out boys Prowler is back. He can only shoot threw the week but I here he has some new bullets for Macoo and Dad. lol You can visit his site at Prowler's KissOfDeath

Amis: Well he may be moving far away. He had a offer for a new job in the Carolina's. Time will tell if takes it. I here they are off the string and can method there and may be getting internet connection soon. We will all be looking to shoot you in the ass.

The Eye: Still looking for them late night kills. lol If you see him on put a extra bullet in his old ass from Dad.

Randy: Been playing NOLF with Dad, and still shooting on the weekends. He be winning lots of games now. He can't wait to see Prowler again.

 The Crow: Killing in the zone, and probably working on some new Outlaws Hackz. Thanx for all the programs.

TonToe: News on the Outlaws Mod for Half Life. He says it will be a few more weeks till it is released. He is trying to get all the bugs out. We will have it posted as soon as it is released and will be running a 24 hour game on Macoo's #

New Smillies

Dr.Gonzo has put together a new set of smileys for the Yahoo Messenger. I don't think the Dr. made all the smileys but he did make the installer. The smileys are a definite upgrade for the Yahoo messenger and are not recommended for children. You can get them here. Dr Gonzos Smileys After you download them just double click the file and the Smileys will install.

New Map Pack

Made by Dr Gonzo for TheOutlawDad. This will install all the Outlaws maps made over the last five years by TheOutlawDad to your outlaws folder. Get it here DadsMapInstaller2.0 Just download and double click to install. Once again I would like to thank Dr Gonzo for all the great work he does. http://blackhole.at/DrGonzo

New Maps

crow.zip By LawMarshalWho and The Crow - Had to get this map from paleface
hangout6.zip By Gamesta
hilltop.zip By Janitor
mol.zip By Morpheus
grand.zip By Who
a_mazing2.zip By Who

Don't forget map reviews are at
 Kid-Macoo Voodoo Site

Map Makers

Please send your new maps to Dad@theoutlawdad.com


Thanx for reading the News stop back soon

Band News

Alter Ego: Great rock n roll band 70's - 90's  3/16/2002 Virginia Lounge - Carrollton, OH
3/23/2002 University Club - East Liverpool, OH 3/30/2002 Goodtimes,- Follansbee, WV
(No Web Site)

American Grease: Classic Rock N Roll Red Dog Salon, 3/16/2002 Canton OH.

Legend: 50's & 60's Shows Mountaineer Park, 3/22-23/2002
Chester WV
(No Web Site)

Mansfield 5: 50's - 90's St Sava Church, 3/9/2002 McKeesport PA -Moose 3/30/2002 Washington PA

Great Pretenders: Great 50's 60's, Mountaineer Park, 3/29-30/2002 - Chester WV
(No Web Site)

State of Mind: Variety Band 50's - 90's Heart Ball, Country Club 3/9/2002 - Steubenville OH. Eagles, 3/15/2002 Bridgeport OH
(No Web Site)

Silver Sky: Variety Band 50's - 90's No dates sent in (silverskyband.com)

To have your bands dates listed on this site. Send them to theoutlawdad@theoutlawdad.com

Restaurant Reviews

Subway: Wellsburg, W V. The Restaurant is clean, Food is good. Prices are excellent, Service is good, Restrooms are clean. Nice place to eat give them a try. Rating 8.5

Dad's California Raisins

Well TheOutlawDad has a nice collection of California Raisin characters. At this time he is missing the following characters. Click the links to see the characters dad needs. Ace , Mom , Lenny , Carrot If you have any of these characters and would just like to get rid of them or you would just like to help TheOutlawDad complete his collection. You can send them to Denny Music Po Box 274 Follansbee W V 26037

Millionaire News

I'm a Aspiring Millionaire. I need funds to reach my goals. So please send $1 to the Aspiring Millionaires Fund and help TheOutlawDad become a Millionaire. Send $1 dollar to Denny Music  P. O.  Box 274  Follansbee, WV 26037. Special Thanks this week to  Moon for the Raisin Bubble Bath Bottle, and to George for the $7.00 Remember $5.00 will get your name here in the special thanks.

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Don't forget to check out the new Banner Ad Page. Something for everyone and I get paid for the clicks. So help TheOutlawDad get closer to being a millionaire


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