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New Outlaws Maps

Chasm: By Hooter
crossfire2: By Sir_Taco
DarkDngn20s: By ShiftyTuco
loscaza3 : By TenTacos
munky: By Munky_34
ol_ky_04: By Outlaw_Ky
OL_KY_05 By Outlaw_Ky
rantrage: By Rant_2

Old Outlaws Maps (Reposted)
These maps have been sent in by Hooter. Most of these are old maps not posted on other map sites. Hooter saved most of these maps from the old Saxster Map site. He sent them in so TheOutlawDad could post them, making TheOutlawDad's Maps Site  the biggest maps site on the planet for crazy people.
1_sos: Taco_Bill_1
ACabins: GS_Wizard
ACabins 2: By GS_Wizard
badlands: Quad_tileman
barfight: DTG Last1Stndin
barfite2: DTG Last1Stndin
big_hole: Snot_E_Noze
big_hole11: Snot_E_Noze
bighouse: Hmn_Bad_Aim
cactfall: By Hownow
CactusFlat: By Slaters_dog
Canyontunnel: By Sneeman
Caravans: By Gas
CaribooTown: By Cutter
CastleSmo: By Smo
Cjerks: By ay_suc
CTFCanyn: By Author Unknown
CoopMine: By Smo
Don_Arena: By Don_Ramoses
don_city: By Don_Ramoses
Don_Valley: By Don_Ramoses
dustD: By Author Unknown
fathouse: By BIGOBLUNT
fear: By Fear_Tarzan
frostbite2: By SWL_Chet_R1
HardGrave: By KrummWaffe
hideaway: By TR_BossMan
HotTown: By Author Unknown
jailbreak20s: By DeanWermer
Lampard: By Author Unknown
Morning2: By Author Unknown
Newpath: By TJG_Pretender & BOK_Hawk
OutlawEnd: By ShotgunMc
Posse: By Saxster
Shinbone2: By Brent Bear
Showdown: By Saxster
shroud: By Author Unknown
Standoff: By Sneeman
StickyTown1: By ~$tí¢k¥~
Tntfight: By Dupe
TwoBarn: By RAF
UndergroundUltimate: By Grifter
USMCORRAL: By Drdeath2
WARpathFix: By WAR_Sticky
water: By Tater
wtf: By Dupe

New Single Player Maps

Aunt Rosie's Legacy: By Mr.Baggins, Great single player map. This is a must have get it now. Run the aunt Bat file from where you extracted the files, and run the map under Historical Missions.
ol_ky_03: By Outlaw_KY, another nice map from KY. It is his 3rd. But it is his first single player.

All Single Player Maps

All the Single Player Maps have been moved into a folder. You can get them here at
Single Player Maps The folder has over 60 maps in it now. Hooter went threw and updated it, so it also has old maps from the Saxster site. If you have any Single Player or Multi Player Maps that I do not have please send them to dad@theoutlawdad.com

Macoo's Map Pack

You can get it here MacooMapPack1.0.exe This is every map I could find by Kid-Macoo. It will install all the great Macoo maps up to 4/15/2002 into your Outlaws folder. Get them and enjoy. Please put a extra bullet in Macoo's Ass for me if you see him. lol

Outlaws Mod

TonToe's Outlaws Mod for Half Life has been released click the links below to get the Mod and the  update patches that you will need.

 Site #1. The Half-Life Outlaws Beta1 mod Kid-Macoo's Site
Site #2 http://olmod.ohiovalleybusiness.com TheOutlawDad's Site
http://www.unitedgaming.net/~outlawsmod/files TonToe's Site
Half Life Patch HL_OL patch install Kid-Macoo's Site Counterstrike CS_OL patch Kid-Macoo's Site

ShiftyTuco: Like to say Thanx to Shifty for the cool logo on the top of the page. It works good in the HL Mod to. Thanx again Shifty. Visit his site at Shifty Tuco

Kid-Macoo: Playing a lot of Hl Mod, but he'll be back killing in outlaws soon. visit his site at Kid-Macoo

The Crow: Well Crow sent in the MGL Drivers from the Outlaws CD. Hey I thought that was pretty good. I can't believe I didn't have them on the site or someone didn't say hey Dad post the MGL drivers. Unzip them to Outlaws, Launch the game and go into video setup and pick MGL to use. Get them here. MGL Drivers 

The Eye: I feel bad for The Eye I know he is dieing to kill. Games have been down all week and The Eye didn't get the mod. Well look for me on this week Randy and I have new bullets for your ASS.

Randy: Not on much this week working a lot and planning the death of The Eye. Randy hopes to be killing him soon. lol.

Banner Ads

Don't forget to check out the new Banner Ad Page. Something for everyone and I get paid for the clicks. So help TheOutlawDad get closer to being a millionaire

Band News

Alter Ego: April 20 - University Club - East Liverpool,OH. (No Web Site)

Legend: Mountaineer Park, Chester WV. MAY 24 & 25 (No Web Site)

Silver Sky: Moose Lodge, Washington, PA.
Saturday, June 29, 2002 (silverskyband.com)

Restaurant Reviews

Lenora's Cafe' & Pub: Steubenville, OH; Where the customer is never right. Yes you read that right. The customer is never right at Lenora's. I know you can't wait to read the review so here goes. The wife and I went to Lenora's to have a good meal and listen to the band Retzer & Grant. We waited 25 minutes for a table but this did not bother us because they did seem busy and we do not mind waiting for good food. We were seated up close to the stage and the band sounded excellent. The wife ordered a Chicken dinner and I ordered a full Rack of Ribs. Which comes as two racks. The salads came first. They were very skimpy not much of a salad. The dinners finally came, and the Chicken dinner seemed to be fine. The Rack or Ribs was really bad. This was one of the worst cuts of meat I have seen in a long time. DJ's would have thrown it out. I started to eat it any way. I picked threw the fat on the first rack putting the bones in the bowl from the bread because the waitress didn't give me a bowl for the bones. I was really discussed when I got to the second Rack it was all fat and gristle. I talked to the waitress when she stopped with the coffee and told her the Rack was bad and that I just wanted to let them know that it was and that I did not want any money back or any other food. She said she would tell the owner. The owner came to the table and asked if there was a problem and I told him that both of the racks of ribs were bad and that you can see how much fat is on the bones in the bowl and that this second rack is all fat. That's when it happened. A owner trying to pinch pennies and not caring about the customer. He starts to tell me how no one has ever complained about his ribs and that he buys the best cuts of meat money can buy. lol And that he can not take them off my bill. He picks up the plate and says he is going to take them into the back to exam them. About 10 minutes later he comes out and says to me. I looked at those ribs and they are fine, There is nothing wrong with them, I buy the best meat, I told the waitress to take 4 dollars off your bill and maybe you can just take these ribs home and eat them. Well that did it for me. I told him hey I don't need this from you, if I was in a suit and tie you would never treat me like this. Then I told him these ribs were bad you know it and I know it and I don't care where you buy your meat or if you think that's a good rack of ribs. This food is bad. When I pay this kind of a price for food I Expect it to be good and I expect to be treated right. I also told him you have handled this situation very poorly and you are doing a very poor job handling customers. He just walked away just like as if I was dirt below him. The waitress brought the bill and said I took 4 dollars off your bill. Now I am pissed. I told her you tell that cheap owner of yours I never wanted any money off and I didn't want free food. That's when the waitress said this would have never of happened if you were in a suit or you were with business men. She said I see this happen in here all time.  If he thought you had money he would have done anything to make you happy that's how he is. She said she was very sorry I was treated the way I was. I paid the bill and gave the girl a 10 dollar tip. Maybe when this place closes he can take that 4 dollars and buy toilet paper to wipe his cheap ass. I'll be eating Ribs at DJ's from now on. Rating: You can't give a rating to a place that has ownership this poor. All I can say is just don't eat there. You don't need to spend your hard earned dollars at a place where the owner thinks he is better then you. When your in Steubenville OH. Eat at The Ville, You will always be treated good. 

Moon changes Name

Yes it's true the great drummer Moon has changed his name. Or should I say she has changed it for him. lol Lets just say after Moon now at 50  went out on his first date with a young sexy 25 year old.  He will be known as Sugar Daddy. Dining, Dancing, Eating and Spending big bucks was the highlights of the date. Oh Yes, and from what I hear the young girl gave him quite a show in his Van. This was very enjoying for Sugar Daddy and he has reported to us that he would do it all over again, with hopes of maybe getting a little more then a peepshow the next time.

Dad's California Raisins

Well TheOutlawDad has a nice collection of California Raisin characters. At this time he is missing the following characters. Click the links to see the characters dad needs. Ace , Mom , Lenny , Carrot If you have any of these characters and would just like to get rid of them or you would just like to help TheOutlawDad complete his collection. You can send them to Denny Music Po Box 274 Follansbee W V 26037

Millionaire News

I'm a Aspiring Millionaire. I need funds to reach my goals. So please send $1 to the Aspiring Millionaires Fund and help TheOutlawDad become a Millionaire. Send $1 dollar to Denny Music  P. O.  Box 274  Follansbee, WV 26037. Special Thanks this week to Jeff for the $290.00 and for promising to cut my grass. also Thanks to Sugar Daddy for the $40.00 Remember $5.00 will get your name here in the special thanks.



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