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Updated 9/20/2002

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Outlaws News

Abe: Still on tour with the Vogues but he did get a new computer and is back killing in Outlaws late night. He is as deadly as ever and seams to have a new connection. The old lag he had is gone thanks to Kid-Macoo

Amis: Played one game with Macoo and I last week. He left early could be cause Macoo was killing him. lol. Come on get in a game.

Crow: Well, he still writes a lot on the message board. Keeps us all alive and our guns ready to kill. lol. I played with him in a few games last week and he seemed fine as a player, even asked the Zone guys to shut down the Zone and stuff they had running to keep the lag down in the game. I think he may have a slow connection to the net and that's why guys see him with frames missing. A new modem may just fix that problem, also he says he's on AOL so that may be part of the problem. Hopefully he will get that lag problem fixed soon so we can all see how good of a shooter he is.

Dr. Gonzo: The old Dr. is home here in the hills for 2 weeks, yep seen him at Chubb's Pub Friday night playing guitar. The Dr. told me he can't wait to get back to Indiana and try out the new bullets he got here in the hills on Macoo's Ass while he smokes some good home grown.

Kid Macoo: Well the Kid is getting ready to host games starting at 8:00 on 10/8/2002. He also has a contest going on where you guys can win $10.00 for writing dumb captions about "Guess Who" Yea you guessed it, TheOutlawDad. So get over to his site and write a caption (Click Here).

Outlaw_KY: Well I don't even know this guy but he does send me his maps. I found this one in my old emails, somehow I missed it, So it is getting posted now, Sorry about that KY. MYTOWN.zip

Molycoat: Always sends me his maps and there always good. Thanx Moly. riders.zip

Mr. Boones: He has emailed and ask me to take his Outlaws link off the Links page. Says he is done with Outlaws. He has been removed.

Randy: He played a few games last week. He has his machine running good these days. The new US Robotics Game Modem is a winner, All his lag is gone, So come get some guys.

ShiftyTuco: Well I see Shifty on the pager all the time, but I don't think Shifty has much time for the game. He be to busy with all the women on the net. Make sure you keep the gun well lubed up it or will rust. lol I found this nice medicine bottle on Shifty's site, so I'm posting it here and on the Files page. You map makers may want to use it. Visit Shifty's site

Snot_E_Noze: Sent in his new map Ft_Bleed.zip just as he promised me he would do when it was completed . Thanx again Snot

The Eye: This poor guy hasn't been able to get in a game for so long, his guns have rusted and his trigger finger is only good for picking boogers. Someone please post a game when The Eye is on so he can get a kill or at least be a target. lol

Truffle: Says he will have the old Ol HideOut site back up and running soon. Says it will be half mod and half Outlaws. That sounds good to me, I always liked his site. Hope its up and running soon.

Who: Played with him in a few games this week seams to be real fast and a good shooter. He also sent me his new map base.zip . Thanks again Who. Visit Who & Crow at SBD Outlaws

Outlaws Maps

base.zip By Who
bsmt_tfj.zip By Two_Finger_Jack
Ft_Bleed.zip By Snot_E_Noze
goldmine.zip By Outlaw_KY
Mytown.zip By Outlaw_KY
mwhouses.zip By Captain Picky
tracks.zip By Prophet_CG

Single Player Outlaws Maps

riders.zip By WAW_Molycoat This zip has a extra zip file inside of Moly's horses. This was put in for map makers in case you would like to use them. Regular players can delete the extra zip file or just leave it in. It is very small and doesn't take up any space.

Please send your new Outlaws Maps to TheOutlawDad

New Outlaws Links

Ten'sTake Outlaws Site Added to the Links page 9/20/2002 Nice site has Outlaws updates, map reviews, Lawmaker help, seams to be updated frequently. I really didn't care for the Links page, (I'm not on it. lol)
Xtreme Wolf Pack Nice start on a New Outlaws site. Great wolf background graphics.
DoA—Disciples of Apocalypse Excellent Skull and Crossbones intro, Site looks to be fairly new and growing. The clan states they play ML but will shoot you with a shot gun if you don't. lol

Outlaws At the Zone

Rumor has it that the Zone is dumping Outlaws. Now I don't know how true this is but if anyone can confirm it please leave a message at the Message Board.

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TheOutlawDad, Closing Thoughts

 I hope everyone enjoys the web site. I'd like to thank everyone for stopping by. Special thanks to all the guys who send their maps in. Hope to see you all in a game soon, I'll be the guy dressed as a woman shooting you in the back with a large shot gun. lol.  For all of you that just can't wait to see another picture of TheOutlawDad's granddaughter, Here you go. Pic1  Pic2   Pic3


Follansbee Community Days

I think I will start this off by saying all you read in the newspapers or in the Follansbee flyers about Community Days seems to be how good it is or how much money the city makes and how much the people love it being held downtown. The truth of the matter is most of the people on the 900 block of Virginia Avenue do not want Community Days held on the street in front of their homes. The following statements and questions were given by the  people of Virginia Avenue to a councilman and the city's legal adviser in a secret meeting. 
1. The port- a- jons are right outside my bedroom windows and the smell is so bad in my house I can't stand it. The noise of the door slamming is also very bad. Kids are standing all over my fence in front of my house jumping up and down on it. I just can't take this anymore.
2. I found two children in my garage having sex. I had to yell at them telling them to quit. It was a terrible experience for me.
3. I had kids around my house yelling all night. People were sitting on my porch that I didn't even know.
4. I saw two boys fighting;  one boy pulled a knife on the other, and if it wasn't for my son breaking this up, there would have been blood on the streets.
5. The streets and sidewalks were covered in grease the day after Community Days ended. People that live on the street were scrubbing it with degreaser and deck brushes.
6. The mirrors were ripped off my car by kids and the city refuses to pay for them.
7. When coming home from work, I was pushed down the steps of my house by people who thought I was getting in front of them to see the bands.
8. People spray painted all over the side of my house and the city refused to pay to get it cleaned.
9. My friend's garage door was kicked in and the city would not pay for it. He had to pay for it out of his pocket.
10. I had to call the police and have a car ticketed and moved from my back fence just so I had a place to park my car after work.
11. I have to get up early in the morning for work and these people are tearing down booths and equipment half the night.
12. The music is so loud in my house I just can't stand it. Something has to be done.
13. All of my flowers in front of my house were trampled down. People were ruining my yard.
14. My neighbors had a beer party yelling and screaming half the night and my mom is very sick; she just can't take this any longer.
15. My friend across the street had a family member die and people were partying in her front yard.
16. There is no security here; we tried to find an officer to get cars moved, but they were all down watching the bands.
17. When the legal adviser was asked who is responsible for any damages done to the homes in Follansbee or private property during Community Days his response was, you are. The city is not responsible for anything these people do.
18. When asked how can they close our street down and have this in front of our homes if we don't want it? Answer: If four of the seven councilmen vote to shut your street down and have Community Days, there is nothing you can do about it and the city does not have to take any responsibility for anything that happens during Community Days.
19. When asked how would you get a fire truck or a ambulance into this area if it was a emergency? Answer: The street is closed, so it is no longer a street. They would have to find another way.
20. When asked why can't we move Community Days to the park? Answer: We have talked about it, but they are not going to move it to the park.
21. My Closing: I could write about this until this page was too long for your computer to load, but that would not solve anything. Just like the people of Virginia Avenue can go to all the meetings and complain about all the damages and all the reasons not to have this in a residential  area and, still,  Community Days will be on their street again next year. God forbid that anything would happen to these  people who are mostly over the age of 60 during the week of Community Days. I can see the city is not equipped for any emergencies. As for the damages to their homes and personal property, it is a shame that four councilmen can shut down your street, make you responsible for damages, and have a wild party in your yards and on your sidewalks just because they do not want it in front of their homes. Lets just face it they will never move it to the park.  We can't have thousands of children vandalizing property and people parking in that area. For God's sake, the Mayor lives there. You can post your comments on this matter here.

Band News

Alter Ego: 9/21/2002 Mustang Sally's-Weirton,WV
Web Site At Alter Ego

Legend: 9/27-28/2002 Mountaineer Gaming Resort Chester W V. Web Site At Legend

Mansfield 5: Saturday 21 – “Johnny Angel’s Lounge” @ Atria’s – PNC Park – Pittsburgh, Pa 9:00pm “Concert”
Friday 27 – Carnegie Historical Society Party @ “Carnegie Eagles Club - Carnegie, Pa
  Call Marcella @412-276-7447 for Tickets
Saturday 28–Moose Club- Washington, PA 9:00 pm Sunday 29 - “Speakeasy” @ Mountaineer Gaming Resort-Chester, WV 8:00pm

Moon: Here is a few pictures of the world renown drummer Moon. He is in the studio again working on his next CD. Titled 10,000 Drums & No Talent Moon1  Moon2

Sliver Sky: 9/21/2002 American Legion Car hop Washington PA. 8:00-12:00
Web Site At Silver Sky Band

Vogues: Sat. 21st Malone NY- Malone Middle School 
23/24/25/26/27  Portsmouth NH Web Site At Vogues

Millionaire News

I'm a Aspiring Millionaire. I need funds to reach my goals. So please send $1 to the Aspiring Millionaires Fund and help TheOutlawDad become a Millionaire. Special thanks this week to Lorrie for the fine Italian dinner.
Send $1 dollar to,
Denny Music
P. O.  Box 274
Follansbee, WV 26037.

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