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Mahobi.zip - By Blinker
- By HyDroPoNix

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wildhr1.zip - By GoJo

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Bluesky.zip - By Red_October

redrock.zip - By Red_October

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 Light guns crosshair - By Vin Egars

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OlSet.zip - By Yackan

Outlaws News

Kid Macoo has canceled Tuesday night games till further notice, due to the lack of interest from the Outlaws community. Prowler has been accused of cheating after joining a game hosted by Justy James. It seems Justy, Killer Yah and Abe had a game. Justy gave the IP # to me and I past it on to Prowler . By the time I got the game launched Prowler was killing all of them and Justy crashed the game and banded Prowler from playing. When I asked him what was going on, he said that I gave the # to Prowler and he was cheating. They didn't give me the new # and didn't play with me either. Guess that means I cheat also. Well I have been playing with Prowler for over 4 years and I have to say he's not cheating. These 3 guys beat me every game when I first started playing, and for at least a year I was always in last place. It was so bad they called me Dead Ass Dad. lol.  My first win on the pager against these guys just let them know there's always a better gun. lol. Win, that's a understatement, I beat them every game until, yep you guessed it Killer Yah was the first to say I was cheating. He told me it wasn't skill that I just upgraded and was running faster then them. They even tried to get old Macoo to ban me from games. But what happened was they ended up playing by themselves. Well that was 2 years ago. Today they have computers as fast as anyone out there playing. Justy is running over 2 gigs with a 9000 card. He has no excuses as I see it.  Yah and Abe are also running very fast. Well I'm done bitchin, I just know what it's like to be called a cheater and I also know what it's like to come in last. If you guys come into a hosted game on the pager and when you are loosing and coming in last place, just remember, TheOutlawDad is beating you on that same old machine that beat you 2 years ago and you are now the guys with the upgraded machines. lol, Don't be {} get in a game. I need to whip some old Outlaw ass.

Kid Macoo has been hosting games late night on the pager. Games have been starting after midnight eastern time. He has also started reviewing maps. Everyone needs to click here and read the reviews. 

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Band News

Alter Ego

02/21/03 The Hilltop - Follansbee, WV.
02/22/03 The Virginia Lounge - Carrollton, OH.

Ashes to Ashes

02/20/03 Hard Rock Cafe -  Pittsburgh, PA

Jumbo Frank Band

02/21 & 28/03 Chubb's Pub -  Follansbee, WV.


02/21 & 22/03 Mountaineer Resort- Chester, WV

Mansfield 5

02/22/03 Citizens Club - Glendale, Pa
02/22/03 Show - Jackson OH.
02/28/03 Show - Newberry SC.
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