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* Updated 6/3/2003 *
Updated 6/4/2003 *

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**New Outlaws Map

 *ctffacts.zip By Crow & Captain Picky

* longhorn.zip By Dog_Holliday, First new map I've received in a long time. Now this is what I call a bar.

*Outlaws Sites

Mr.Bone88 Has his new Outlaws site up and running. A great place for news, maps, and all your Outlaws needs.

Outlaws News

Annoyed: Posted known hackers comment on the
message board and it gets over 240 views.

Black Eye: Sent in this link for Outlaws Zone games. www.zone.com/directplay
Hooter: Sent in new pic1 & pic2 from the last gunfight at the Zone 2003. Get the full zip pack of pictures now.

Prowler: Working on a patch so the server will automatically rotate maps in Outlaws.
Vin_Egar: Has a voting poll up to see if the Outlaws will support a game server. Go Vote here.

If you got Outlaws News send it to:

Outlaws Maps

GoJo: Sent me a new HR map to test, xsanc. After the first test the map was still hack able. I have not tested the second version, but will try to do that this week. GoJo does great work and I hope you guys appreciate all the time he puts into these maps.

Map makers please send your new maps to:


Band News

Alter Ego:
6/14/2003 - Jin's cafe (Pajama Party) Follansbee, WV 
6/27/2003 - Irish Pub Weirton, WV

Ashes To Ashes:
6/7/2003 - Coliseum Chester, WV
6/8/2003 - (Rib Fest Station Sq) Pittsburgh, PA
6/11/2003 - Post Gazette Pavilion Burgestown, PA
6/13/2003 - Fireside Lounge Monongahela, PA
6/28/2003 - Stardust Lounge Moon Twp, Pa

Jumbo Frank Band:
6/6,13,20,27/2003 - Chubb's Pub Follansbee, WV.

6/6,7/2003 - Mountaineer Gaming Resort Chester WV.

* Mansfield5:

6/7/2003 - SNPJ Picnic Grounds 7-11 Evanstown, PA
7/12/2003 -Fire Hall Heidelberg, PA Dinner Dance $15.00 includes Meal, Draft Beer, set-ups, BYOB
Call 412-429-7084 (Lynn) for Tickets

6/7/2003 -  Show Tremont,  IL.
6/7/2003 - Show Albany, NY.
6/28/2003 - South Park Franklin, PA

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