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Updated 8/16/03

Outlaws News

Kid Macoo: Well the Kid has taken on a new job. "New job he hasn't worked in 25 years" He is building company websites. Yes Macoo has put down the Bonesfarm bottle and started creating web sites for big businesses. The web sites are taking a lot of Macoo's time and he hasn't been in an Outlaws game for so long his guns have rusted, and with a sober trigger finger he should be real easy to kill now
. Visit Kid-Macoo

Prowler: Racing his Motorcycle at the drag strip and doing custom decals for bikers. Hopefully this will slow him down on the draw and we can all put bullets in him.
Visit Prowler

Abe: Still on tour for the Vogues. He will have more time for Outlaws as soon as the summer tour ends.

Randy: Haven't seen or heard from him in sometime now.

Amis: Lots in the 50's with the State Of Mind Band. Haven't heard from him, but I'll bet those old guns have rusted and fell apart by now.

Dog Holliday: Sent in some excellent NWX files for the new NWX page. Thanks again Dog.

Molycoat: Sent in some great maps. Fixed Outlaws so we can all ride horses, and has help everyone with there maps.

Hooter: Posted on the web board that he would like to have some prefab custom objects for Outlaws. This lead me to create the NWX page.

GoJo: Excellent site for Outlaws and a on line school for Lawmaker. If you want to learn how to make maps just drop in pull up a chair and learn from a real teacher. GoJo also has one of the first NWX pages that I know of.
Visit GoJo 

Mr Bones: Put up a really nice Outlaws site complete with files, maps, news, links and reviews.
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Vin Egar: Has a nice site called Outlaws Game Players. He has a theater there where you can see screen shots taken from the latest maps. The newest thing with Vin now is he's building his own maps. One has been released and I hear he's working on his second.
Visit Vin Egar

Who: Last I heard was working on a map pack and needed it tested but I don't know if the final product is out or not. There's a download for testing the map pack here.
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Crow: Seems to have moved on. I see his name on different boards and he's still making a lot of post. But they are just not on my board. You can read about him here.

Dr.Gonzo: The good Dr has gone into hiding, or he has found a woman that is tying him up and torturing him like he likes to be tortured. He should really come up for air and get in a game soon.

ShiftyTuco: Shifty was always on the yahoo messenger late night, but I have not seen or heard from him in a long time. I do see his post on message boards.  

Outlaws Web Boards

There's a lot of different boards going up and it seems that a lot of guys have left my board and just moved on to other boards. I found one board that has a poll running to see what your favorite Outlaws site is. Well my site is posted there but I didn't get any votes, oh well.

Outlaws Maps

bonesfarm.zip By WAW_Molycoat
cool1.zip by Master_x11
EC.zip By Master_x11
halfpint.zip By Outlaw_DR and MikeDaKid_DR
horses.zip By WAW_Molycoat
horses2.zip By WAW_Molycoat
horses3.zip By WAW_Molycoat
mexvill3.zip By T4H_WaRRioR
paradigm.zip By Dog_Holliday
robots.zip By WAW_Molycoat
skyscraper.zip By Master_x11
smalltwn.zip By T4H_WaRRioR
spider.zip By Kat and Dusty_Old_Cop
stionpit.zip By T4H_WaRRioR
taosruin.zip By Green_Horn_Slim
wmdheeve.zip By Vin_Egar


Map makers please send your new maps to:


Alter Ego:
8/16/03 - Mustang Sally's - Weirton, WV
8/23/03 - Jin's Cafe - Follansbee, WV

Ashes To Ashes:
8/20/03 Station Square Pitts, PA
8/30/03 Stardust Lounge Moon Twp, PA

Jumbo Frank Band:
8/22-29/03 Chubb's Pub

8/27/03 Waterfront Wheeling WV

Mansfield 5:
8/17/03 Church Picnic” Trinity Acres Collier Twp, PA
8/21/03 Mountaineer Gaming Resort-Chester, WV
8/23/03 Oakdale 110 Year Celebration” Oakdale, Pa
8/24/03 Mountaineer Gaming Resort-Chester, WV


Moon: I see that crazy drummer Moon has updated his profile over at Yahoo. Everyone should click here and check it out, to really see the best side of Moon.

Restaurant Reviews:

Subway: Follansbee, WV. In the bottom of the serving pan there was 2 old rotten tomato slices. The girl working started to put them on my sandwich. I told her she would have to go get fresh ones I was not eating those. So she did and put 2 fresh pieces on the sandwich. I ordered tuna, and then I noticed the scupper was covered in old dried up tuna. The girl started to make my sandwich with this dirty scupper and I told her she would have to wash that first before she scooped tuna out with it. She did and then put the tuna on my sandwich. The girl took my money and never took the gloves off or changed them and then made the next persons sandwich. Hate to be the one to tell you but that violates health rules here in WV.  This was some nasty tasting tuna. It had hard dried crusty chunks in it. I couldn't eat the sandwich I threw it out. The place is also dirty. If you go in there just look around at the floors and the counters. My advice don't eat there. Rating: 2 The girl did make a effort to clean the things I told her about or they would have got a 0. 

Millionaire News:

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TheOutlawDad: "My Thoughts" Outlaws has really slowed down. It seems all the guys I played with have gone. Even Macoo hasn't played for a long time. I see new Outlaw web boards going up everyday, thanks to big business and company's shoveling ads all over the internet. Web boards are running polls to see who's site is the best. I'm listed but never got 1 vote. I would just like to know why. Since this site has more maps on the Map Page then any other site, a Message Board for members only, a Guest Book for all people, a Post All Board, a Files Page with more files then you will find on any site, a Downloads Page, a News Page. a place to Buy Outlaws, and the Site is ad free. The site carries over 400 megs of data and over 5000 files. I stayed away from doing map reviews and posting screen shots so that I was not walking on other sites that did those things. I basically post the maps to the maps page as soon as they are received in my email, even though it may take sometime to get them on the News page. It just seems strange to me, that after all the Outlaws games sold from this site and all of the people that come threw here. The site doesn't get 1 vote in 2 polls after it's been here as long as it has. Oh well, Macoo told me there would be days like this. lol.


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