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:Outlaws Maps:

bonetown.zip By WAW_Molycoat
borD.zip By No Author or Text file.
CTFTown.zip By StealerofGraves

eyehop.zip By  WAW_Molycoat
devilsrectory.zip By Dog_Holliday & WAW_BuffaloFred
GraveCTF.zip By StealerofGraves
GravesJail.zip By
GraveWar.zip By StealerofGraves
Gravewar2.zip By StealerofGraves
Grvmod.zip By StealerofGraves

GraveZDomain.zip By StealerofGraves
horses4.zip By WAW_Molycoat
nacho.zip By WAW_Molycoat
Oldmine.zip By OGB_Hooter
picburgs.zip By CaptainPicky
sanctuary_hotel.zip By No Author or Text file.
TNTLands.zip By T4H_GrAvEDaWg

:Outlaws Single Player Maps:

brothel.zip By The420Outlaw

Outlaws Rifle Sounds

Rifles2.zip By Aaron Sawyer
Sounds can be used for Multiplayer but the itm rifles are for Single Player only do not add them to the outlaws directory if you are playing on line. Read the enclosed txt file.
Lorde7.zip By Aaron Sawyer
Rifle sounds for Multiplayer or Single Player.

:Outlaws News:

Kid Macoo: Has been running a server for the Outlaws mod for HL. It is doing real good always has 8 to 10 guys in it playing. I played there Friday night from 9pm to 6am the next morning and the smallest game was 8 guys. If you have HL or Counterstrike you should load the Ol mod and check it out. I think you will find it is the closest thing to Outlaws 2 you will ever get. Plus the map makers could have a field day with the huge map editor for the mod. Get everything you need at
 Kid Macoos Outlaws Site

Prowler: Lost the DSL connection for now, but says he will be back on DSL killing soon. He has also became a beta tester for Infogames.

Randy: Well we can all call him Dad now, yep his old lady had a new born baby girl. Mother and daughter are doing great. Randy says he's just loving it and all is good on the home front. He just needs to get in a few good kills on that new Nvidia video card.

Abe: Says the vogues will be off of there tour soon, he's ready to do some late night shooting.

Molycoat: Well Moly brought tears to old Dad's eyes with the new map eyehop.zip I walked in the map and was checking out all the excellent textures, when Bam, right in front of me was the old guitar my Dad had gave to me 34 years ago. It was the one I strummed my first D, G, and A cords on. The one I learned my first song on. I just couldn't thank Moly enough. Get the map walk threw it. The map is a piece of art and has to be one of the best maps to ever some up the Outlaws community. Thanks again Moly.

DirtySanchez: Is back on line and looking for a good game. He says if Macoo ever gets his butt in gear and host, that he has new fart filtered bullets for Macoo's Ass.

Dog_Holliday: Has sent in a nice map for Halloween devilsrectory.zip The map has Ghost, Strange Sounds, Outlaws Graves, Lightning & Thunder. Very nice map.

Truffle: Is alive and kicking. The Outlaws Hideout is back up and running, full of new stories, web board, files, and a online store. Truffle always had a great site in the past and this new site is excellent so go check it out.

:Outlaws Message Boards:

TheOutlawDad's: Message Board
Truffle's: Message Board
Mr. Bone's: Message Board
Mista's: Message Board
Xol's: Message Board

:Outlaws Sites:

The Outlaws Hideout Home of Truffle
Gravez Outlaws Domain
Home of Levi_Sullivan
Snipers  Home of SPR_Clown

:NWX Page:

I have been working on the NWX Files Page, and would like to say thanks to everyone that has sent in files. I have decided to list the files on a page or pages behind the authors name. This will give each author his own small site for NWX files. Also we will have a main site with all the NWX files. Sorry it is taking so long to get everything up and running but I promise to have it done soon.

:Band News:

All band news will be posted again at the end of this month for November. So please send your dates in now to Dates@theoutlawdad.com 

:Restaurant Reviews:

Longhorn Saloon, Wellsburg WV. The restaurant is very clean. Food is excellent. Restrooms are very clean. Service is good. Portions of food are large. The thing to remember is this is not fast food. Meals are cooked as ordered, so it does take a little longer to get your food. The one thing I really liked was they give you a basket of bread with your meal and if you run out, they refill the basket free of charge. You won't find this in any other  restaurant I know of, and in most you will have to ask for bread or do without. They have a bar connected to the restaurant but it does have a separate entrance and is walled off from the dinning area. This is nice for people who just want to dine away from the bar atmosphere. Prices are normal for the area.
Rating: 10.0 

:Millionaire News:

I'm a Aspiring Millionaire. I need funds to reach my goals. So please make a donation by clicking this button

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 "Aspiring Millionaires Fund" 
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" My Thoughts" Last week I was on vacation. The wife and I went to Gatlinburg Tennessee and spent sometime in the mountains. Ridgecrest cabins are very nice complete with a Jacuzzi in the living room and a hot tub on the porch. The traffic there is pretty bad and parking your car downtown will cost you 7 dollars and that's not for each day, it's for each time you park. You can park for free outside of town and ride the trolley for 25 cents. Just remember the last trolley is at midnight so you better be on it. Food there is also expensive and not that good. You need to go to the Food Mart and buy some grocery's and cook your meals in the cabin. The water is full of sulfur so make sure you buy bottled water. The tax rate there on anything you buy is 11% so take extra money you will need it. There are all kinds of shops for souvenirs ranging from expensive to cheap junk, so everyone can find something to take home. Dollywood is also there but the water rides are closed in October, so its not really worth the 45.00 ticket to walk threw it. Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre is downtown, they have the best live comedy shows you will ever see and it is well worth the ticket price. The shows are taped live and you can buy it on video tape before you leave. I did buy the tape and it was just as funny watching it at home. We also went to the Indian reservation in NC. There are a lot of shops there but I only found one ran by Indians. Most of the items sold in the stores are from Mexico and not made by Indians. The vacation was a good time, and we did get to be away from the life on the home front for a short time. Would I go there again? I don't know! Would I recommend it as a vacation spot. Yes if you want to get away to a small cabin in the woods for some piece and quit. No if you want to save money or want a exciting time.



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