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My House News

The last wind storm did damage to the roof of my house.
Construction has started & the cost is going up. Anyone wanting to donate to help pay for this madness can click the button below.

Outlaws News

Paleface, has finally announced there will be no more updates. Paleface says he just doesn't have the time to update the site. You can read his last article here: Paleface.net

The War Zone, looks like the War Zone is still running for Outlaws & a lot of older multiplayer games. You can read about it & download the newest version here: War Zone

Outlaws Site Renew

 I renewed http://theoutlawdad.com so everything there is going to run for another year. I found some links on the site that are not working so I do need to fix them. Over at Wikipedia I edited the page on Outlaws Game, and some lets just say *ut, ( Piano non troppo ) told me I could not post links, and that I could not promote my site there. He also deleted all the fan sites for the game. So I posted that he did not no anything about the game or me and he was wrong by removing the post & I had a few other nasty comments for him. Then I went back in and posted stuff, It has been left on there so far, I also corrected info about the game that they had wrong, so we will see if they leave it on there. I was pissed, The last idiot that talked to me that way lost his site and I put up a banner on it after shutting the guys site & mailer down, That read this site is owned by TheOutlawDad lol. Now that's funny, not so much for the owner of the site. lol. Oh well I think I'm over being mad at least for now.. Hope to see ya all in a game soon I been real busy here.

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