Outlaws News

Outlaws News

Prowler: Is back shooting. Seams he moved to a new house and his DSL line has not been hooked up so he is shooting on the 56K still as deadly as ever. Great to see him back. Don't forget to visit his site at K O D 

Kid Macoo: Has been on late night and shooting only a few games this week. Hopefully we can get back on at the 8:30 soon. Don't forget to visit his site at Macoo

Sweet_850: I have seen her on and we talked a little but no games were played. I'm sure I will be picking bullets from my butt soon.

Randy: Still looking for blood, if you can't find him in an outlaws game you can always find him in Blood 2. Hasn't been on much this week. He was locked in the house! But should be wore out soon and back into the games.

Abe: says he will be back up shooting this week. His girlfriend says he can have the voodoo card back and he's getting Macoo to put it in the old computer that he used to kill us all on. I can't wait for this." Let the games begin "!

TheOutlawDad: Well I have seen no one else on the pager this week. It has been real slow and with Community Days being here I was not on much, so that didn't help. Soon all the summer fun will be over and we should have a ton of games again. I will try to be on at 8:30 from now on but it is tuff to do at this time of the year.

Map News

The Outlaws Map site at TheOutlawDad is up and running. I went to all the maps sites and gathered all the maps up so the site now has maps not listed on any other site. It should be the largest collection of maps to date. If you have one that is not listed or if you make maps please send them to Dad@theoutlawdad.com

    New Maps

You may have to right click the file. Then click save target as. 

Clements  by Sam Clements Excellent CTF map

FindGold by Spikerama nice single player map

Hasselt by Blackyolero Great little Belgium map

Psycho by BamBam Large hotel excellent game play

GarboBeach by Shifty Tuco Very nice beach map

BigHead by Chaabo excellent tunnels,outhouse map

Map Makers

Please send your new maps to dad@theoutlawdad.com This will help me to keep the map site at ftp://theoutlawdad.com/maps/ up to date.

Critics Corner

"Ok, you asked for it here's my review on the Follansbee Community Days Bands."

UNWOUND: Was the first act to open up the festivities. The sound was not to good. The PA system feedback 12 times in the hour and a half show. Drum mix was very weak no snare drum at all. Vocals could be heard but not really loud enough. Other instruments were basically ok in the mix. Overall sound was weak. Band dressed in basic street cloths looking like they just got off work from the local lumber yard. Band members played very well. The fiddle player is just unbelievable. Guitarist was also very good. Overall stage presence was fair. Band has the potential to do way better then this performance. Music is Country Rock. No pictures came out on this band.

CHANDLER: Second act on the first day. The sound was pretty good for this band who brought there own soundman to the board. All instruments could be heard. Vocals were out in front of the band maybe even a little to much but that's a matter of taste. The 4 guys in band dressed in street cloths. The 3 girl singers, One wore a nice dress and looked very fine. One wore a skirt and a top and looked very fine, and one wore jeans and and top and she is extra fine. I do think they should invest in some stage cloths. The girls vocals are excellent. Stage presence needs a little work but they are entertaining. This band has a CD of Originals that are excellent. I think they will go far in the music business. Music is Country, Pop and Originals. Pictures came out but not good quality click the links to see them. Picture 1 Picture 2  

STARBURST: Closing act on the first day. Sound was pretty good, you could hear all instruments and vocals from this 10 piece band. Vocals could have used some effects.    The band dressed in black pants and white shirts with the exception of the one lead singer who wore a suite jacket. Vocals in the band and music are excellent. Stage presence was good but could use less talking about the songs and more entertaining the people. Music is 50's to 90's Variety. Band has there own web site at Starburst Band and one of the lead singers has 2 CD's out. Pictures of the band came out but they are dark and not good quality. Picture 1 Picture 2

REFUGEE: Opening act second day. Sound was good but guitars were not loud enough. Vocals fit the music they do which is 70's rock. Band plays together very well. They dressed in street cloths which makes them look like a 70's rock n' roll band. Stage presence was good. Pictures came out ok Picture 1 Picture 2

AFTERMATH: Closing act on the second day. I didn't see them but people are saying, The sound was real good. The band dressed in costumes of 60's English bands. They were very entertaining, but they played to long. Four hours is a long time to listen to English rock n' roll. No Pictures

ORIGINAL FANTASY'S: Opening act on the third day. Just in my opinion. The girl looks good but she is weak singing, But I know why they got her. They don't have to worry about her upstaging anyone, Because she doesn't take control of the stage, She's not as good as Peggy, also the sound wasn't that good. Legend was after the Fantasy's and I went back and ask the soundman if he was mad at the Fantasy's because legend sounded way better then the Fantasy's. I didn't believe it. Well people that were there still liked them and they got through the job but they are really a lounge act now. Do you remember the balls the band had at Putin Bay?? Well, that's all gone. And they should be in the local lounge lizard bar. Well they got what they wanted. The elite members are probably happy. As for the bass it sounded like dog due, The guitar you could not here, The sax was real week sounded like monitors and stage. Male  vocalist was real clear and sounded real strong and good, Sax man's voice was real raspy and harsh (Very Nasty), Bass drum sounded like a marching bass drum. It sucked. Snare drum you could not even here, And drum rolls were above the band, Keys were in the mix but piano was very muddy, Harmony's were ruff and week. Clothes, They wore pink jackets with white tee shirts and black paints ( removing jackets in the middle), Girl wore long black skirt and pink jacket, ( changed in the middle to short tight skirt and tight pink top which she kept adjusting every 5 minutes, It really got on my wires even people behind me were making comments on that. Song selection went from fair to poor ending with we really are a 7 piece lounge band that sucks. Oh yea the jokes between songs were the same jokes that the bassist has said with the past 10 original members that have now left. (All and All the only band that sounded worst then them was the garage band playing four blocks away, but that is another story. Pictures came out as bad as the band played.
Picture 1 Picture 2

LEGEND: Second act on the third day. Sound was real good. You could hear the vocals and all the instrument very well. Vocals had reverb on them but could have used a little more but they were clean and sounded good. Band dressed in black suites. Girl dressed in black paints and white shirt. They looked very nice. Stage presence was excellent. They talked to the people and kept them involved. Music was 50's, 60's and 70's. There rendition of YMCA really got the people going. Fans were standing in the isles clapping. Out of the bands I seen. I would have to say even though
I'm not into the type of music that they play. I had fun and this was probably the best entertaining  band in the three day show. Pictures came out pretty good. Picture 1 Picture 2

11-70 Band: Closing act on day three. I did not get to see 11-70, but I know they are a really good band. They are the Jamborees staff band and they have played behind all most every famous country act out there. If you ever come to Wheeling West Virginia you can always find them at the Capitol Music Hall. No Pictures.

Millionaires News

Special Thanks this week to OZ for sending  10 dollars. I really do appreciate it.

I'm a Aspiring Millionaire. I need funds to reach my goals. So please send $1 to the Aspiring Millionaires Fund and help TheOutlawDad become a Millionaire.     Denny Music  P. O.  Box 274  Follansbee,  WV 26037

TV News

HBO: New series 6 Feet Under is a great show. Nothing like a good show about a Funeral Home. Don't miss it Sundays at 9:30 P.M. eastern time

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