First of all, You use these drivers at your own risk! I'm not responsible for you messing up your computer or anything else! You need to print these directions and have read them threw before you start the install. I use these drivers and I know they work for me hopefully if you install them right they will work for you.
There are to ways to install these drivers. First go get the from
1. Unzip driver files to a folder on desktop.
 Right click my computer, Click properties, Click hardware tab at top, Click device manager tab, Click the + sign on display adaptors, Double Click your 3dfx adaptor, Click driver tab, Click update driver, Choose install from list or specific location (Advanced), Click Next, Choose don't search I will pick the driver to install, Click next, Click have disk button on that screen, You will get a install from disc message with a browse button, Click browse, Use the small arrow at the top of the next window, Click it, Click desktop icon, then click the new folder you made on the desktop, then click driver2k folder inside that folder. You will see 3 inf files in that folder, 3dfxvs2k.inf for V5and V4, Banshee.inf for V Banshee may work on V2 not tested on V2, Voodoo3.inf for V3. Click the driver you need and click open, Then click ok on the install card,
windows will say this driver is not digitally signed, Click Next, on the hardware install card that comes up click Continue any way, From there any message are from windows saying you are installing older files just click yes on all them, The point is to get these files in and get those files over written. Once they are in reboot. Windows should load these drivers right up, If your screen comes up normal then they should work, If by chance you have a problem you may not have done it right, Try again. I f your windows screen comes up at the wrong size just go to display and set back to the right size, If you have a messed up display screen, reboot hit f8 boot in safe mode and walk thou these directions again, but this time pick the voodoo driver from windows shown on the Have disk screen, Not the G.O.D. driver but the normal driver. then reboot.
2 .The easier way. Open the folder you made on the desktop, open the driver 2k folder in there, Delete the 2inf files you do not need Example if you have a v3 card delete banshee.inf and 3dfxvs2k.inf now you have only the voodoo3 inf in there. Close that folder, go to the main folder, Click the set up .exe (Not the one in the 2k folder) Windows will start to install and you will get all the error message as you would get above, So do the same as the above text says to do. after you install go to the main folder and double click Module Merge Fix.reg. Windows will ask if you want to add this info click yes. after install reboot. This also adds the tools in, but they are only good for sizing the screen and it also makes the tools run at start up. I did not like this way and think the #1 way is much better. It adds only the driver you need and not tools that can't be used. To use all the tools options you would have to delete all the fx drivers in your system before you install. There's no way I would do that or tell you to do that, But it is the only way the tools function will work. #1 way is better in my opinion.  Everything can then be set in the regedit.exe

Extra Info
Read all above first
You have chosen to install these drivers on your own risk and you are responsible for your actions.
These directions where written by TheOutlawDad and you are on your own if you install them, I have tested them on my system and they work fine, If they do not work on yours it is your problem not mine you use these at your own risk!
Extra text files are in the Read them.
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