How to use LawMaker's In-Game Editor  
This page is available for download in a zip file here.

First and perhaps foremost to utilize the In-Game Editor you must have your Outlaws game running in Window mode.  Open your Configure Outlaws and under Display Configuration click on Window, then click OK.  After you do this you will hear a bell and get another window asking you if you want to use Window mode, click OK.  Now in Lawmaker when you test your map it will come up in a window instead of full screen.  While you are in Window mode your mouse will not work so you will have to turn with your keyboard, and to look up use the PageUp key and to look down use the PageDown key.  Go to a wall you want to edit, put your crosshair on it and type oledit .  When you type this command you will get a window titled Outlaws In-Game Editor.  I usually drag this window down to the bottom so it doesn't obstruct my view.  Since we are going to edit a wall, click on the Editors tab of In-Game Editor and choose Wall Editor.  This will bring up a Window titled Modifying Wall Attributes for Wall *** (*** being the name of the wall you are modifying).  In this window you will notice 4 areas - Upper Texture, Middle Texture, Lower Texture, and Overlay Texture and Sliders for AlignX: & AlignY: .  X is for horizontal adjustment and Y is for vertical adjustments.  I like to drag the Modifying Window to one side and downward so that I can see the wall I am working on while still allowing access to the sliders for the texture I am adjusting.  By using the X & Y sliders I can move the texture up/down, left/right to get it wherever I would like it to be.  After I have finished modifying this wall I can click in the Outlaws window and move to another wall to modify it.   

[On an important note, you have to be able to get a clear view of the wall you want to modify.  If there is a wall between you and the wall you want to modify, the editor won't change it, only the wall that is between, the wall that you see.  When I am faced with a situation like this, I will move the wall or sector that is in the way.  Then I modify the wall I wanted and after that I put the wall or sector back in its proper position.] 

Now for a very important step, after you have modified walls, close the Modifying Window.  Next go to the Editors tab of the In-Game Editor and click on Save Fixup File.  By default it will save the fixup file in the folder of the map you are working on and will name it ***.NFU (*** being name of map), after you have saved one fixup file it won't ask you again as it will save it as the same name as the first fixup file you saved.  If you close the In-Game Editor without saving first, all your work will be lost and you will have to do it again!  After saving your work, close the In-Game Editor.  Now back in your Outlaws window, hit the Escape key and choose EXIT.  This should leave your LawMaker window up. Now click on the Project tab and choose Apply Fixup File.  This will bring up a window titled Select the fixup file to apply. Then choose the ***.NFU for your map and the changes you made will be applied to your map. 

That is pretty much all there is to using the In-Game Editor.  If you want to modify a sector, just choose the sector editor and you will see sliders for moving textures and drop down menus of available textures to apply.  There are also checkboxes to allow you to set flags for the selected sector.  I cannot stress enough that you should be sure and save the changes you make before you close the Editor.  I can't even count the number of times I have lost a lot of work and time because I forgot to save first.  During the first few times you might want to work on a wall, save & close the editor and apply changes before going on to modify another wall.  On a side note, I would like to pass along this lesson I learned the hard way.  I always open my Outlaws directory, right-click on the folder of the map I am working on and choose Copy.  Then I go to My Documents or even on the Desktop, right-click and choose Paste.  That way if I make a huge mistake on the map I am working on I can simply copy&paste the folder back into my Outlaws directory.  It will ask if you want to overwrite and at that point choose Yes.  You will be back at the point before you made your error and you won't have lost all your hard work.  Good luck and I hope this little guide has helped you in your LawMaker efforts! 


Download the complete file zipped here.

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