Ok, Thanks to Mick, who told me use the regedit. Outlaws can now run on Windows XP in Voodoo just fine. These are my directions how to do this, Use them at your own risk, They are not copied from someone else or posted from someone's site. First you double click my computer, double click C Drive, double click Windows folder, double click Regedit.exe, click Lucas entertainment folder, click outlaws folder, click users, Click default user, click multiplayer, double click Network Name, Type Player Name under Value data. To change IP you want to join: click Winsock folder, then IP folder. There are 10 slots for ip address click the one you want and type address in to value data. now in outlaws you can pick that IP. To set gamma Double click the V1.0 folder click gamma on the right set value to -4 for a lighter screen. Only thing you can't do is erase errors when you are talking in game. I can live with that. Now install the over clocker and turn the vsync off. so fps is as fast as it can be if you like it fast. No need to turn up the clock speed unless you would like to fish fry your card. Please visit http://theoutlawdad.com for all your Outlaws needs. Don't forget you need the http://www.theoutlawdad.com/Files.html/outlaws/XPdrivers.zip and the http://theoutlawdad.com/XPdriversinfo.htm