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Kid-Macoo: Hosted our first game of the season 10/08/02. Games ran really good. We did have some trouble with a few guys getting in. This was due to some old map versions that only a few of us have. I told the Kid to only run maps from this site so that should fix the problems.  If we host a map that has mod guns, you must reboot the game to get in. At the present time we do not plan on running mod maps so problems should be at a minimum. We ask everyone to turn off anything running on the right hand corner of your computer as this helps to keep lag down with guys on 56k's. Also guys from the Zone need to turn the Zone off while playing in our games. Sorry about that, but it does cause lag. Hope to see everyone on Tues. at 8:00 pm est. Visit the Kid at Kid-Macoo

Crazy Ace: Old Ace is back killing.  He showed up on Tuesday as deadly as ever. I hope he keeps playing because I just bought new bullets with his name on them. lol

Doc_ Holliday: Look out boys Doc has paged me and said he is ready to kill again, so we will be seeing him in games real soon. I know Macoo is going to hate old strafing Doc putting bullets in him. lol 

The Eye: Did this guy die or did someone bury him with his guns? Get in a game, Eye. We all need a target for points. lol

Randy:  Told me he cleaned his guns and has new bullets for Abe. lol

Abe: Still touring with the Vogues, but says he can shoot on Tuesdays. He's back, and he's fast.

Crow: Says he has trouble joining Macoo's games. This could have been the map problem we were having. Time will tell. Oh yeah, he has changed his name again (Los Penguinos) over at the web board

Who: Working on Hr Maps. Hope they get the size down so maps aren't so big. Check out Crow and Who's web site SBD

Hooter: Posted on the board. He is still alive and well. Hopefully he'll send me a new map soon.

Shifty Tuco: Haven't seen him on in a log time, bet he found a women on the net or got caught up in a web cam. lol. Hope to shoot him soon. Visit Shifty at Wac_Tucolero

New Outlaws Maps - By Who, Now I know Who is just trying to help. This is a remake of Desperate Town only this version is suppose to be hack resistant. Who has added the files from GoJo to make it HR and the map is very large for a Outlaws map 4.78 megs compressed.  It may work at the zone I do not know because I do not play there, but it does not work as hack resistant on windows sockets. I tested this map and here's my results: The map seems to do with honesty something we all have lol., When everyone is in the lobby you are to change characters so that your new character doesn't have a mod gun.  Someone must be watching to see if everyone changes. This should be the Host (And he could be cheating). When in the lobby there is text on both sides of the lobby walls telling you your guns will not work in the game. ( this is not true) Ok, Now let me explain. If in the lobby you don't change characters and you have a mod gun on you can go into the game. If you run over the gun  that you are using as a mod or the bullets for the gun, yep your gun stops shooting, but you can change to a different gun like from #3 to #4 then change back and your gun works fine again. If you load the mod gun to the character you are going to change to before you go into the game you can change to that character and you now have your mod gun. Now for the best part. If the host has a mod gun on and you come into the lobby and he says hey I changed characters before you got here. When everyone is honest and  changes and goes into the game the host can be the only guy with the mod gun. Now that's pretty cool. lol. I used a mod gun made by Neo to test this map and get the above results, also I was one of the beta testers on the original hr map, and back then it had some glitches and had to do with guys being honest. I here that GoJo is making a new version of the hr plug ins so the maps are not so big. I know guys would like to have the games running clean and hack free, Well this goes right back to my old saying  If you think someone is cheating "Don't play with them" Play with guys you know and enjoy playing with. If you let new guys in a game and you think they are cheating or they are lagging to much "Don't play with them"
 Problem solved. This is all just my opinion,  you are free to do what you want. This map and have been put in their own folder in the map site called HrMaps By No Author, I don't even know where I got this map can't find a email on it so I'm just posting it.

Please send your new Outlaws Maps to

Community Days Update

On 10/07/02 I attended a city council meeting and was asked to speak on the Community Days issue. I was the 2nd speaker. The first speaker told the councilmen of the damages that came from community days and that he no longer wants the activity on the street in front of his house. I told the councilmen that the majority of the people on the 900 block of Virginia Ave do not want community days on the street in front of their homes and that it needs to be moved. I told them Twenty people from the street showed up for 2 secret meetings before this and they said they did not want Community Days on the street and that all twenty of them should have been called to this meeting and they weren't. I spoke of damages and reasons to move the advent.  The 3rd person to speak told them she has had 9 years of Community Days and it is time to move it. She had a list of reasons, to many for me to put on this page. It is easy to see what needs to be done here. Take a pole of the 900 block of Virginia Ave and you will see the majority of people want Community Days moved. It doesn't matter what the reasons are, all the people of Virginia Avenue have different reasons and they want it moved. The council should do the right thing and move it to another location. To read the first article on Community Days and leave your comments click here.

Band News

Alter Ego:
10/19/2002 The Hilltop, Follansbee, WV. 
10/26/2002 The Virginia Lounge, Carrollton, OH.
Web Site At Alter Ego

10/18-19/2002 Mountaineer Gaming Resort Chester WV
Web Site At Legend

Mansfield 5:
10/20/2002 Mountaineer Gaming Resort Chester, WV 10/25/2002 Ukes Club Party Carnegie, PA
Web Site At Mansfield 5

Silver Sky:
10/19/02 Moose Lodge Washington, PA
10/20/02 Prime Time Polkas Sygan, PA

10/26/02 Moose Lodge Washington, PA
Web Site At Silver Sky

10/26/2002 Kewanee High School Kewanee IL
Web Site At Vogues

Restaurant Reviews

Eat'n Park: Weirton WV  This place depends on if you get a good waitress or a bad one. The food was served hot and tasted good, Service time was slow and the place is not the cleanest around. Prices are fair for the area. Restrooms are still not clean. As a hole it was better then the last few times I was there but still needs a lot of work. Rating 4.5

Outlaws Mod For Half Life

I have been checking to see if there is any server running for the game but I have not found any. Last I heard TonToe was working on Ol Beta 2 Mod. I have not heard if it will be a add on for the Ol Beta 1 Mod or if it will be a complete new download. You can check for information over at TonToes Site.

Millionaire News

I'm a Aspiring Millionaire. I need funds to reach my goals. So please send $1 to the Aspiring Millionaires Fund and help TheOutlawDad become a Millionaire. Send $1 dollar to,
Denny Music
P. O.  Box 274
Follansbee, WV 26037.
Special thanks this week Linda for the $10.00. And Moon for buying dinner
 at Eat'n Park.

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