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Outlaws Maps By Simon By Dog_Holliday By ShiftyTuco By  last1Stndin &  Molycoat By ShiftyTuco By HighWater

Outlaws Files By Chabbo, Unzip to Outlaws folder gives a different dying voice to Sanchez. Pretty neat. Thanks for sending it in. By Who,  Info from the read me file, Fixes your registration with outlaws to the Zone, also sets your directory where OL was installed. I could not test this because I do not play at the Zone. Thanks for sending it in.

DocvsJack.gif By Molycoat, This is the small cartoon at the top of the page. Moly, you did great. Thanks for sending it in.

Outlaws Links

Olctf This site is the home of  jalapeno and Coldone. Interviews on players. Lots of info on Ctf games. You can even read about the player they all love to hate on this site. I'm not telling you. That is, you will have to go there and read the article. lol

Outlaws News

Abe: He's found his way back into the Tuesday night games and he's killing again. He says he will be king soon. Only hopes Prowler comes back so he can claim the title.

Crazy Ace: Back in Outlaws and ready to do some killing. Ace says his guns are clean and he needs a Macoo target.

Crow: Jumped in a game with us on a Tuesday night, Yep, killed us all. hehehe. He is new to the guys on the pager and no one has made any comments good or bad yet.  Wants to see his name up as King. Only time will tell. Visit site at SBD

Dr. Gonzo: What can I say, the great doctor is always ready to shoot.  He also does great web sites. Loves killing certain people on the pager. We won't mention any names. lol. put your guns on and go see all Dr Gonzo's Madness.

Doc Holiday Kix: Showed up in a game not too long ago. Said he will be killing as soon as he gets the computer bugs out. Macoo is shakin' just hearing this news. Got to love them staffers.

The Eye: Playing on Tuesday and late night every night. He is getting very deadly. I'm still pulling lead from my butt from the two one on one games I had with him last week. lol

Hooter: Special Thanks to Hoot this week, He was the first Outlaws member from the message board to buy outlaws form this site. Thanks again Hoot.

Kid Macoo: Hosting on Tuesdays. He has updated the web site and says he will be doing map reviews real soon. I always liked that about his site. He is also playing the OL Mod A lot. You can get the new OL Mod 1.5 from Macoo's site.

Prowler: He has updated the KOD site with some nice outlaws info on how he will be king again. Even sent me a offline message saying he will be killing all and claiming his title as king. Lets hope he gets in the games soon. 

Randy: Building a new pc, yea like the 1.9 gig, 512 meg ddr ram, voodoo5, robotics game modem, is not enough to play Outlaws; Oh No, he has to have more. Can't wait to see the new system.

TheOutlawDad: Damn, I've been shooting on Tuesday nights and dying well. lol.  It would be nice to see Doc, Prowler, and Ace come back in the games. And just think of it, all we need now is for Terminator to show up with Easy Target and Killer Yah and it would be the old days.  Man, that makes me shake all over. I'm getting new guns- ah' maybe just new glasses so I'm not shooting the dirt I die in.. 

Who: Trying to fix problems with Outlaws, The Zone, and them dam Pop Up Ads. visit SBD to get the free pop up stopper.

Band News

Alter Ego:
11/15/2002  Rooney's - Steubenville, OH.
11/16/2002  Mustang Sally's - Weirton, WV.
11/30/2002  Frank's - Bloomingdale, OH.
Web Site At Alter Ego

Ashes to Ashes:

11/27/2002 Stardust Lounge - Moon Twp, PA
11/29/202 The Phoenix - Millvale PA
You can download two mp3 files here.
Web Site at Ashes to Ashes

11/15-16/2002 Mountaineer Gaming Resort - Chester WV. Download their Live mp3 here.
 Web Site At Legend

Mansfield 5:

11/23/2002 Rumor Band Reunion & Mansfield 5 @ Sygan SNPJ Club Bridgeville, Pa. 8:00pm
11/302002  Moose Club Washington, PA
Web Site At Mansfield 5

Silver Sky:

No November dates.
Web Site At Silver Sky


11/30/2002 Greece Olympia High School, Greece NY. 2 Shows, 6:30 PM & 8:30 PM
Web Site At Vogues

Community Days In Follansbee

The last and final meeting will be held 11/18/2002 at 7 pm. Council will vote on  Community Days and the location. Let's just face it!  Virginia Ave. will be a mess again next year. You can read about last year's madness here.

Outlaws Mod For Half Life

The new Outlaws Mod 1.5 is out. Seems to have all the bugs fixed and it runs very well. You can get the full version here Ol Mod or the Upgrade 
You can check for information about the Outlaws Mod from the creator's site at TonToes Site

TV Shows

Don't miss the new Ozzy Osborne show 11/26/2002 on MTV. also coming soon the new
 Six Feet Under on HBO.

 Millionaire News

I'm a Aspiring Millionaire. I need funds to reach my goals. So please send $1 to the Aspiring Millionaires Fund and help TheOutlawDad become a Millionaire. Send $1 dollar to,
Denny Music
P. O.  Box 274
Follansbee, WV 26037.

Web Site Designs

Yes, for a very small fee you can have a business web site designed for you, an URL address for all business applications, site maintenance, and be listed on the internet world-wide.
OhioValleyBusiness for details



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